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Help Phoebe Go to Teacher Training

As many of you know Phoebe is off to Berlin in just a few weeks for her Forrest Yoga Foundation Training.  We are super excited for Phoebe’s journey and want her to have the best time possible!  Phoebe has worked incredibly hard to save up and pay for her training and costs whilst she is there.  Myself and Neil are doing what we can to ensure Phoebe has few financial worries whilst she is immersed in Forrest Yoga TT and we wanted to offer you the chance to help her out too.

Many of you have asked me to set-up a crowd-funding page for Phoebe so that you can donate what you can.  Here it is!!

As you know Phoebe is an incredible human being, and works incredibly hard at LANO.  Always going above and beyond to make LANO the thriving community it is.  Let’s give something back to her, so that she can have the best time possible at TT.  Thank you so much in helping Phoebe reach her dream of being a yoga teacher.  She will be sure to pay you back with her magic hands and assists when she is back.

Money raised will be used to buy equipment for training, flights to and from Berlin, yoga clothes (she needs lots), food money.  As a way to say thank you for your generosity, Phoebe will be hosting a Forrest Yoga class which will be free to each person who donates.






I initially decided to try yoga because I was in search of ways to manage stress and anxiety. My first class was pretty different from what I had anticipated- it was a little crazy, a lot challenging and surprisingly fun. Above all else I was intrigued, so I kept going back.

Consistently practicing led to me to feel stronger in my body and more secure within myself, and though it wasn’t a magic cure-all for stress and anxiety, it helped me learn how to navigate them in a more manageable way. Over the years, my practice moved from community halls, to gyms, to my house, and in 2015 I joined LANO. Both practicing and working here has shown me how amazing it is to be part of a community, and reminds me every day that it is just as important to be there for yourself as well as the people around you.




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