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There I was, stepping onto the mat, going through my first ever Sun Salutation. “Feel the movement coming from your breath”… “And now, lie down onto your back, find stillness and relaaaaaxxxx”. I still feel the vibration that went through my whole body in this magic moment of Savasana. The realisation then happened a few hours later during one of my daily consultations with the Ayurvedic doctor – “YOU belong to YOGA like YOGA belongs to YOU”.

And from that very moment, yoga and everything that is connected to this practice became my life.

Before yoga came into my life, I was always longing for something physically active. I enjoyed long distance running, mountain biking, hiking, gym workouts…the list goes on… But apart from quieting the inner voice of having to keep fit & balanced while working in an office, it didn’t really give me anything. I felt that I gained little from it and my mind kept spinning around work, duties and life in general.

Yoga for me is more than going through asanas (postures). In yoga I have found a space where I can fully integrate my body awareness, explore something new with every inhale and with every exhale.  Most important to me though is that I feel nourished and fully connected to myself. I truly believe that all we need already exists within us and that through yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other tools, we can make it our own & take care of ourselves.

There is this beauty in the present moment…

Take a deep breath in…and a long breath out!




Hi there, my name is Anja, I am from Switzerland but feel at home all over the world. After living in Switzerland for 24 years, England became my home and first country to teach yoga. Yoga is my life as well as; music, spending time with my loved ones, exploring new countries & places, singing & dancing, meeting new people, being in nature, living & loving a vegan lifestyle, & just “going with the flow” –  all passionate parts of me!

Having suffered from anxiety and exhaustion at an early age, yoga is very close to my heart, I feel passionate about bringing yoga in to daily living. I would like to help people slow things down, become aware of the true qualities in life and help them understand, that all we need already exists within us.

I love to keep my yoga practice fresh and creative, to see every day as a new opportunity, every practice as a new experience, and every breath as a chance to create something unique!

“Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese Proverb



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