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At LANO, we believe that to look after number one, it takes a range of tools and methods. This is why we are passionate about offering a wide variety of treatments that not only support your yoga practice but assist you in finding more ease off of the mat too.

Elaine Elkington

Elaine has been working as an Osteopath in Southsea and London since qualifying from the European School of Osteopathy in 2000. During the last six years, she has been attending an annual study course in Traditional Osteopathy (Biodynamics) with Christian Sullivan to further develop her skills. Elaine works with babies, the elderly and all ages in between! She works in what is a truly holistic approach to healthcare and considers herself very lucky to have osteopathy in her life.

To book your session or for any enquiries contact Elaine at


Osteopathic treatment often involves manual therapy – a range of gentle hands-on techniques that focus on releasing tension, stretching muscles and improving mobility – together with exercises and helpful advice designed to help you relieve or manage your pain, keep active and maintain the best of health.

Luke Valley

Luke is a fully qualified massage therapist specialising in deep tissue massage & holistic (relaxation) massage. A familiar face as a yoga teacher at LANO he is now excited to extend his offering through our beautiful treatment rooms.

To book a session with Luke, please email

Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue Massage; Sink in to this tailor-made treatment to perfectly fit your body, working in to those places that really need it the most with depth and a listening touch. Feel fully heard with a complete consultation and follow up after care options so your experience is all you want it to be and you know you're in safe hands. Holistic (Relaxation) Massage; Like sliding in to a hot bath at the end of the day, this massage is an essential experience to battle any stresses your mind, body and soul may be facing. Studies show that over 80% of chronic pain is stress and tension related rather than a current injury in the tissue and this massage may just be the answer you're looking for.

Kerry Edwards

Kerry is a qualified breathwork therapist alongside her work as a coach and private tutor. She was inspired to undertake this training after observing how many of her students had started to suffer with anxiety post pandemic. Kerry completed a 9 month training programme with teacher, Alan Dolan. Breathwork has huge potential for change; it is now part of not only Kerry’s daily practice but her family’s daily routine too and their lives have been transformed for the better because of it.

To book a session with Kerry please email


Conscious connected breathwork is a self-healing modality, a powerful safe way to infuse oxygen into your body and respiratory system. The three overall objectives are: The physical aspect - optimal health; the emotional aspect- creates clarity, and releases suppressed history emotionally held in our body and cell memories; the spiritual aspect - support us on our journey of self-exploration.

Florence Lo

A number of life changing events in 2017 led Florence onto the path of spiritual healing. After suffering from insomnia, Florence was persuaded by a friend to try sound therapy. During her first session, Florence experienced a wonderful visceral response and subsequently had the deepest night’s sleep she had had for a long time. After a lot of research and attending introductory courses about sound healing, she decided to pursue a full training course in 2018. In 2019, Florence began offering her specialised treatments from a small studio in Hong Kong. After moving to the UK in 2020, Florence decided to fully devote herself to sound healing as her life purpose. Florence hopes that through the sound of singing bowls and other sound healing instruments, people can find their inner peace and calmness within.


To book a session with Florence email or text 07511138883

Deep Relaxing Therapy

This is a 2 hour treatment that will utilise the power of sound and vibration to support deep relaxation. Your therapist will identify any energetic conditions or blockages, then use between 7-9 different handmade singing bowls and Reiki techniques to adjust your Chakra frequency to restore wellness and vitality The vibration from the singing bowls will be applied with pressure to create deep massage to relieve your body of tension. Breathing exercises, chanting or meditation may also be used. You will walk away with your Mind, Body and Soul feeling completely soothed and restored.

Energy Balancing Therapy

In this 60 minute therapy, after identifying the imbalanced chakra(s), your therapist will use 1-2 handmade singing bowls (Sun/Full Moon Bowl) of different sizes, subject to your conditions, to clear the blockage around your Chakras and replenish adequate energy, restoring harmony and balance within your body.

Aura Cleansing Therapy

This 90 minute therapy is designed to clear your body’s Qi’s blockages, purify and strengthen your aura. You will lie on a cosy floor to ground yourself, and your whole body will be surrounded by a set of 7 handmade singing bowls that carry a harmonic frequency. The therapist will use specific techniques to strike the singing bowl to purposely create harmonious frequencies that resonate with your physical body and your ether.

Pain Massage Therapy

Your therapist will place a large handmade singing bowl on to your body and create a strong vibration, to massage your body alongside specific therapy techniques. Through the continuous vibration of the singing bowl and its resonance with fluid cells, the frequency of the singing bowl can regulate discomfort, or pain in your body, offering relief in a short amount of time.


Usui Reiki is a hands-on, energy healing art that originated in Japan during the early 20th century and was developed by Mikao Usui. The purpose of Reiki healing is to bring peace, happiness and health to oneself and then to others. Florence will expertly use the practice of energy transfer to release blockages and create balance within. 60 minutes £55