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Today we’re shining the spotlight on Alice Malyon (not to be confused with Alice Jago!) You may have met Alice doing a cover class either in Chichester or in Southsea.

Alice said: “At fifteen years of age, I tagged along to a yoga class with my mum with absolutely no idea that it would blossom into a life-long passion and become a central part of my daily life.  

“After many years of practice and exploring numerous styles of yoga, I began my own teacher training journey. 

“Yoga has brought such depth to my life. It has allowed me to unlock and discover a deeper version of myself. I feel grounded and on cloud nine at the same time. The euphoria that comes from practising yoga is the reason I want to teach it to others. I hope to share this feeling with all the students that attend my yoga classes.  

“My classes consist of creative sequencing suitable for every yogi trying to deepen their practice. I love to combine traditional styles with playful flows, cultivating inner awareness to ensure students step off their mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.”

Here are some of Alice’s likes and dislikes:


  • I love cooking, and possible even more, eating!! 
  • Scuba diving 
  • My yoga mat


  • Bubble bath – I think I’m the only person in the world that likes clear bath water
  • Having to apply eye shadow, I always managed to look like I’ve got a black eye instead of gorgeous shimmering eyes 

Check out our schedule to see when Alice is teaching next:


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