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We’re extremely excited to announce our new collaboration with Vivobarefoot.

Not only does it allow us to teach you all about the life-changing benefits of Vivobarefoot shoes, it also allows us to give you a special LANO X Vivobarefoot discount code for your future Vivo purchases. Keep reading to find the exclusive discount code, which you can use at the checkout when buying Vivo shoes online.

Vivobarefoot shoes for yoga

Why Vivobarefoot?

If you’re completely new to the barefoot shoe world, let us introduce you to Vivo. This amazing company makes shoes that are not only cool to look at but, more importantly, shoes that are good for your health.

Our feet are incredible and they allow human beings to do so many things. However, when we cram them into modern shoes, we’re impeding our natural strength and function and negating our ability to move properly. 

LANO offers exclusive Vivobarefoot discount code

Cue Vivobarefoot shoes! Wearing Vivos is as good as being barefoot. You could even do yoga in them! Why? Because the shoes are designed to be wide, thin and flexible. They allow you to feel the ground beneath your feet, reconnecting you with the earth and promoting your foot’s natural strength and movement. What’s more, studies even show that foot strength can be increased by up to 60% after just six months of wearing Vivobarefoot shoes.

LANO and Vivobarefoot discount code

Fancy giving them a try? We highly recommend that you do, so why not use our exclusive discount code when purchasing shoes on the Vivo website? It’ll get you 15% off! Use: LANOYOGA15.

LANO and Vivobarefoot

These stunning photos were taken by Henry over at Farfly Media. He also made these awesome videos of us, check them out here and here.

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