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A sudden burst of brightness in my life! When I found myself questioning where my teaching stood amidst this diverse and ever changing world, in walked Yin.

Yin yoga is a practice that teaches us not only to relax, slow down and stretch, but to be curious and involved with the inner physical workings of the body. In class we move into a posture, and have nothing else to do but stay and feel. We aim to let go of the noise within our minds, that voice in charge of our actions, doubts and emotions, and turn our attention inwards to observe our body. For me this was life changing, and allowed me to start exploring how to let go of the external stresses and anxieties we hold onto.

I teach from an emotional perspective, knowing that Myofascial science continues to reveal a mind body connection. Through this we can navigate pain and peace and relearn how to be attentive to the physical sensation of the body. This act of being attentive and giving ourselves time to release any unnecessary tension can feel like a weight being lifted. Freedom can be found within ourselves, I want to help you realise it.

To find out more join Michelle for her ‘Yin Yoga Masterclass: The Science Of Fascia’ on Sunday February 19th, 12:00-14:30. Book Here


The first time I rolled out a yoga mat it was in my room to follow a DVD. I wanted so much to ‘get’ yoga; I ended up getting head rush and knocking my desk over! I will always cherish that feeling of knowing nothing but the movement and the fantastic release at the end of it all. This feeling fuels my practice.
I believe there is always more to learn, new ways of being, moving and releasing. I have studied Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin alongside Jo Phee. Whatever the practice, the common factor is we choose how to move, how to breathe. The choice is yours. Create your yoga and create your life!


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