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Community is what makes LANO feel special


Being part of LANO is more than punctuating your day with an hour of yoga, and as your responses to recent times has shown, LANO’s spirited community exists beyond the studio walls. This sense of connectedness is a testament to the ability of each of our students to share experiences, support others, offer up their skills, and take yoga off the mat and into life.

Seeing those on-screen who can make it to our free live classes is always a joy, and keeping updated with you by email and social media, hearing about how you’re spending your time, learning about how your work is adapting around this new territory, and knowing how you’re doing, all helps us to feel socially connected, even when we’re physically distant.Viagra barato

Alongside the beautiful pieces of interaction that our digital world can lend, however, we are really missing welcoming you all through our doors and catching moments of insight into how things are for you behind the yoga and between the catch-ups at LANO. We love to hear about how you’re doing – so we’ve been speaking to a few familiar faces and peeking into their lives in lockdown…

Katy Loh’s Lockdown Lowdown


If you’ve visited LANO Chichester for the first time recently, you’ll probably recognise Katy as the person who made you feel immediately welcome. Katy has been practicing at LANO for nearly two years, and the studio became a more vibrant place when she decided to stick around. Comprar viagra 25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 120mg, 130mg, 150mg, 200mg

Katy shares many of her professional skills in social settings, from swim coaching to teaching foreign language and translation, so innovative approaches have been necessary to continue working where possible. Online tutorials have provided Katy’s students a place to test their Spanish, and although swimming is on hold (the tropical island Zoom backdrop not proving sufficient for pupils to practice front crawl), a virtual group for mothers and babies has been a successful environment for learning French. Yoga, too, appears in Katy’s teaching in the form of brightly coloured puppets that demonstrating a yoga pose each. Creativity has become the means in which Katy’s work stays afloat. 

So too, has creativity played a part in keeping the family active, as Katy’s three children have taken to constructing their very own outdoor gym in the garden! Katy herself has been running 5k, and puts her ability to run so often without strain or injury down the online yoga classes she practices regularly. 

Facing Uncertainty…


Alongside the nature of playfulness that has arisen in Katy’s household as a response to studying, working and remaining positive in the face of lockdown living, the family have experienced first-hand the fear and uncertainty surrounding this time. 

A close friend of the family, Donna, has become very ill after contracting COVID-19 and her life is still vulnerable after over a month in intensive care. During this time Katy and her children have been supporting Donna’s family by caring for her business, her garden, and supporting her husband in raising funds for the NHS (you can ready more about these efforts here:

Like many of us in the face of challenge, Katy is leaning into gratitude. Newly appreciating the privilege of this technology-driven climate, staying connected online keeps friendships nurtured and the chance to remain socially not-so-distant through our live online classes at LANO. 

While appreciation for all that is good sits forefront, Katy also looks forward to sharing in a vivid and heightened experience when we emerge into new territory on the other side. Katy hopes that potential for growth is on the horizon where societal change, sustainability and equality are top of the agenda for the individuals, communities and governments.


We look forward to the idea that a cultural shift towards a little more good, might coincide with our ability to welcome you all back thought our doors at LANO Yoga, and alongside what Katy simply describes as ‘the freedom to hug one another’




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