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Starting your day with yoga is one of the most traditional ways to build a strong and sustainable practice, and can have an immediate impact on physical and mental wellbeing. 


We know getting up early and facing the world outside can be challenging at this time of year, when skies are dark, streets are wet, and the journey between home and the yoga room feels like an expedition. Even when we have the best intentions to arrive for early class, often the snooze button wins against the yoga mat every time. 

Georgia Brown is our early bird inspiration, and consistently welcomes the sunrise from the studio at LANO Chichester during her hot yoga practice of the original 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Georgia arrives at LANO full of life for her 6:45am practice and leaves with even more enthusiastic energy (and it’s infectious, as you’ll know if you’ve met Georgia at LANO!)

Early morning yoga practice provides a multitude of benefits, some of which develop over consistent practice, but many are immediate and will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day ahead. Finding the time in a busy day to fit in some exercise can often seem challenging, and as the day goes on more reasons to put off that workout arise. But what if your workout didn’t feel like work and you could complete it by breakfast time, leaving you to enjoy a day fuelled by moving, breathing, challenging yourself and taking time to restore your energy levels.

That all sounds great, but still we know how difficult it can be to get into the routine of making in into class before 7am. To help you get it out of bed and into the studio, Georgia has put together her top tips for getting on your mat during those early hours:

  1. “Remind yourself that while everyone else might still be in bed, you’re getting all your exercise done by 8am!” 
  1. “Have something warm to wear close by and ready when your alarm goes off. If you’re cold, you’re more likely to choose the warm duvet now than the hot yoga room soon”.
  1. “Pack your bag the night before. If your things are ready and prepared, your sleepy brain has less to focus on and you can simply get up and go”.
  1. “On your way, listen to something that wakes up your brain!” Georgia like to listen to affirmations through her headphones but your favourite morning playlist or the radio might do the trick.
  2. “Look ahead to feeling great about yourself after your morning yoga, you’ll be ready for the day ahead” Georgia explains how she finishes class feeling proud, full of energy, her mind feels clear and she’s ready to take on any challenge. 

By stepping onto your mat early, you allow yourself the time and space to wake up alongside your body. Easing out of the tension caused by the previous day’s work and a night of sleepy stillness. When unrolling your mat is the first thing you do, you’ll have the chance to begin your day with purpose for both your mind and your body. By generating that great post-yoga feeling that helps focus your headspace, deepen your breathing and feel more connected to our body, you’re setting out as the best version of yourself. 

Catch Georgia in class at LANO Chichester where we have 6:45am classes running Monday to Friday. Try out her tips and let us know how you get on!


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