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The Lano retreat has been my highlight of 2016.  Thinking back to even a mere 12 months ago, the thought of spending a week at a remote Spanish villa, with a group of fellow yogis, without my laptop and mobile phone permanently glued to my body would have filled me with absolute dread.  But hand on heart it was a totally life changing experience that I will treasure forever.
I arrived on the retreat a frazzled, burned out mess – but after a week of twice daily yoga, sleep, the most amazing healthy food, and the company of incredible people – I can honestly say I left feeling like I was a changed woman! The support and encouragement received from Tula and Karl was amazing, not once did you feel under pressure to attend classes, and I even found myself learning to love Bikram having previously dismissed it as ‘not my thing’. I saw people achieve things they didn’t think were possible, and I made some lovely new friends.
The biggest thing I learnt from going on the retreat is that we all need some time out to recharge, think and have some time out for ourselves.  We spend so much of our lives rushing from this place to that, striving for the next big goal or just being busy – that having the time and space to just stop, think and be was priceless and I am so thankful to Lano for arranging such an awesome retreat.
The retreat doesn’t have to be a profound thing as it was for me – I am sure other yogis just enjoyed the sunshine, yoga and a break from the norm (not to mention the cheeky honesty bar!) – but for me it was a truly special week, that I would recommend  to everyone (well not everyone as I want a space next year!)
– Emily

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