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Considering taking part in your first yoga class? Or maybe it’s your first time coming back to your mat after some time away? We’ve got five hints and tips to help you turn up prepared and ready to take the next step of your yoga journey:

Arrive in plenty of time – Your yoga class is time that you are crafting for yourself to move, connect mind and body, be challenged and practice stillness. It is time to focus on you, so set yourself up to have the most positive experience possible by arriving with enough time to pause, take a breath, find a good spot to lay your mat and settle in before you begin your practice.

Stay well hydrated – Especially if you are planning on attending a heated class (like Bikram or Hot Flow), ensure you drink enough water the day before, as well as an hour or two before the start of your class. It takes some time for the water we drink to have an effect on the levels of active hydration in the body, so prepare in advance of your first class and feel free to take your water bottle into the space with you.

Dressing the part – We recommend wearing light, comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. You want your asanas (yoga poses) to be unrestricted by clothing so choose something easy to wear that makes you feel good. You will practice in bare feet so no need to worry about appropriate footwear. At LANO we have shower facilities, so feel free to bring along a towel and a change of clothes if you plan on working hard and building up a sweat!

What to take with you – Bring your yoga mat along (and a towel for heated classes) if you have one, but these are also available to rent at the studio. Any props you might use during classes are provided at LANO. Simply take yourself into the studio and you’ll have everything you need for class.

Come exactly as you are – Yoga is for every body. Regardless of your movement history, level of fitness, flexibility or strength, there is always a yoga class with which you can fully engage. Whether you are eager to begin your yoga practice, excited to experience something new, or nervous about testing the edges of your comfort zone, however you are feeling when you arrive on your mat is enough. Whatever you are bringing to your practice, physically, emotionally or mentally, you have time and space to be exactly as you are.

Have a look at LANO’s full schedule online to see class times, and to find some more information about the different styles of yoga class we offer every day. If you still have unanswered questions, come and have a chat with a member of the team before you take to your mat for your first yoga class! 


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