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Here is Ursula taking you through Revolving Cresent Lunge step-by-step…

  1. Step into cresent lunge. Take a big powerful step, all four corners of the front foot firmly grounded. Deep bend into the knee so it’s over the ankle, back heel lifted, directly over the toes. Back of the knee pushing towards the ceiling, arms extended and active.
  2. Inhale, lean the body forward and bring hands to prayer.
  3. Twist your body and hook your right elbow to the outside of the left knee, by any amount.
  4. Next, inhale, lengthen the spine. Suck the lower belly in and up. Exhale, twist deeper- aiming to bring hands to the centre of your sternum, gaze up.
  5. With every inhale find more length in the spine. With every exhale twist the torso a little deeper, feeling compression in the abdomen.
 Place the back knee gently on the ground for more stability.
Take it further:
Open up the arms with a deep rotation of the chest and abdomen, aligning the shoulders in one line, gaze towards the upper hand.
Why is this pose good for you?
Like with most twists the main benefit comes from rinsing out toxins and stimulating internal organs, toning the abdominal wall and strengthening your oblique abs.  In addition, it awakens back muscles, easing any tension and creating more length in the spine while helping you practice balance and stillness at the same time.

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