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Here is Phoebe taking you through Pigeon pose step-by-step…


  1. Start in downward facing dog
  2. Lift one leg and bring it forward, placing the knee by the wrist on the same side of the body.
  3. Position the front foot anywhere from the opposite hip to the opposite wrist.
  4.  Square the hips to the front of the mat, rolling the back leg in and the hip down towards the floor.   Reach back with the straight leg, ensuring the top of the foot is pressing down firmly and evenly into the ground, so that the ankle neither sickles out to the left or right.  With either the palms of the hands or the forearms pressing down into the floor in front of the bent leg, use the purchase of the ground to lengthen the ribs away from the hips to elongate the spine.  Let the gaze drop down to the floor, allowing the neck to relax and follow the line of the spine.


Option 1:

•Place a block underneath the hip of the front leg, entirely resting the weight on top of it.

Option 2:

•Roll completely onto the hip of the front leg, and bend the leg at a 90° angle.

•Bend the back leg at a 90° angle.

•Place the palms of the hands or forearms on the ground above the front leg, aiming to press evenly through both sides.


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