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Here is Jen taking you through Half Moon Pose step-by-step…

  1. Start in extended side angle with your top hand on your hip.  As you work your bottom arm forwards, step your back leg in until the weight is on your standing leg and arm.
  2. Once the back leg feels light, begin to lift it.
  3. Raise the top arm up towards the sky.
  4. To come out of the posture, make your way back to extended side angle and then Warrior II.


Teaching points:

  • Lift the top leg in line with the spine, imagine it as a continuation of the spine
  • Keep the back of the neck long
  • Rotate the chest to the side
  • Flex the foot and press through the heel
  • Take your gaze towards your top hand
  • Lengthen through both sides of the ribs
  • Doing the pose against a wall can help built confidence and encourage correct alignment.
  • The block is helpful for stiff backs and tight hamstrings, it also helps lengthen the torso.
  • The top hand can remain on the hip to aid balance.
  • The bottom hand can also lift off the floor to challenge balance further strengthen the core stabilising muscles.
  • Taking chapasana in ardha chandrasana.  Holding onto your foot, use your biceps to pull the foot and simultaneously press the foot into the hand.  Lengthen the lower back and tailbone as you stabilise the body into the backbend.

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