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I’ve been fairly fit most of my life having spent 6 years in the Royal Marines.  The training  was really hard to get through at the age of 16, only 18 of us  completed out of the regional troop of 64 trainees.  However my motivation was to get away from the “Troubles” in Belfast, which is where I grew up.

In 1995 I injured my neck from diving into waves and surf causing me misery and discomfort for approximately 20 years.   I had monthly visits to all sorts of osteopaths/chiropractors and others.  I invested a lot of time and money to try and recover, but my injury required constant on-going treatment.

I first joined LANO at the end of December 2016.  I  can happily say with great delight that since joining LANO I have only had 2 treatments in the last 11 months, both of these treatments were on the recent LANO retreat in Spain, more of a treat than actually needing treatment.

The retreat in Andalusia was amazing.  Rose my partner came with me on our first holiday together and she was made to feel incredibly welcomed and we had a great time.  Karl and Tula made it extra special as did all of the other guests.

Before going on the retreat I set myself a challenge to do 7 classes in a row (one each day), then I managed to do 14, then it was 21 and thanks to you Karl’s suggestion (LOL) I kept going and did 30 consecutively days of yoga..! 🙂

Over these 30 days my focus was ensuring to pre-book my classes at a regular time that I knew I could attend, which included the early 6.45a.m. (a great way to start the day), or 6.00pm no matter what the class styles were.  By pre-booking classes it was a commitment to myself to turn up and I am pleased to say I turned up for every single class I booked over the 30 days.

Joining LANO has been life changing and truly wonderful for me.  It has helped towards recovering my fitness and health in so many ways.  LANO has become an extremely enjoyable and beneficial part of my weekly timetable of life and I have such sincere gratitude for Karl, Neil and all of the wonderful team at LANO.  They truly are amazing and have created an incredible yoga community.  Tremendous Congratulations.

To the members of LANO, it has been a pleasure getting to know you all as time goes by.

Thank you, one and all 🙂



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