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Iain Kirby, Owner/Managing Director – Shenanigans Irish bar, Southsea



Why Yoga?

For some time I have been toying with the idea of starting yoga, but it was only ever an idea and never thought it was anything I would ever try…………

I was introduced to the gym from an early age, initially training towards swimming, but after joining the Navy, rugby and various other sports became the main gym focus, but for as long as I can remember, I have always been active and trained in some capacity. Now at 50, I continue to use the gym and try to take myself out of my comfort zone, but unfortunately, over the years I have picked up a number of injuries and a few minor surgical procedures as a result, which has forced me to change my attitude to training in general.

I bumped into Maxine (The Max Effect and Lano teacher) on various occasions in Southsea and she planted the “yoga” seed and I ended up taking the plunge and signed up for her weekend retreat, back in September. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, but thought I would give it a go. Initially I felt slightly out of place, but soon got into it and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the weekend and was sad to leave on the Sunday! As a result of this brief introduction, I joined Lano and tried as many classes/styles as I could fit in and have been literally hooked ever since!

What does Look After Number One mean to you?

Owning my own business, I find it difficult for my brain to switch off and have always tried to use the gym as my escape, where my phone stays off and I have an hour or so, without any interruptions, where I can briefly forget about the outside world. Yoga has taken that escape to the next level, the hour or so in the studio takes you somewhere else. If you can’t take a bit of time out for yourself in todays’ busy world, grumpiness sets in J

Has Yoga changed / impacted your life?

Since jumping on the mat, I have found myself arranging my daily routine around classes and without realising I have cleaned up my diet and whole attitude to food as well, dropped over 2 stone in weight without really trying and generally given me something new to get excited about.

Is there a style you gravitate towards?

I have tried as many styles as I can during my introductory period at Lano and have found myself mostly doing the “Flow” classes, with Maxine, Kat and Alice, as well as “Forest” with Phoebe. With a “Slow” thrown in for good measure on a Sunday afternoon!

How would you describe the Southsea Studio in 4 words?

Friendly, relaxed, family-feel, home-from-home……..4 words ish

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out on their Yoga journey?

I have lost count at the amount of people who have recently commented that I am the last person they would have expected to be joining a yoga club, myself included a few weeks ago! I’d say if you were looking for a change in lifestyle, finding something positive, putting time aside for yourself, you have nothing to lose by trying out yoga. I think it is important initially, who your teacher is and with Lano you are spoilt for choice with plenty of great people to guide you through. I have Maxine to thank for starting me off on my journey, long may it continue.


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