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Tell us a bit about yourself… 

My name is Chekwas Obasi, 30 years, Nigerian by birth. I would describe myself as quite laid back, funny at times, always with a book or two, and quite loyal to people I regard as friends and family.

What led you to sign up to a class?

I was never a gym person but tried to keep active with jogging and swimming when I can find the time to. Last August on my was back from shopping at M&S, shopping bags laden with groceries, I ran into a work colleague, Hayley, on her way to yoga. She invited me along and I have been hooked ever since.

How did you find your first class?

Even though my first class was difficult (lol), I noted peace and oneness of mind and body which has spurred me to continue.

What effect has practicing yoga had on your life? 

Yoga has helped me struggle less with work and personal pressures. Along with flexibility and strength, I have developed a resilience which I lacked especially when faced with physical pressures.

Apart from yoga, do you have other ways of keeping healthy?

I try to keep healthy by encouraging positivity and having the right kind of people around. Being a massive foodie I have never followed any food fads but these days I try as much as possible to pick healthier options- more water, organics, basic stuff.

What keeps you coming back to LANO?

LANO has an amazing spirit! The family aura and the wonderful friends who I have meet there keeps me coming back.

What single piece of advice would you share with a newcomer to yoga? 

Yoga is a lifetime experience and we all advance differently… as Karl and Neil say a million times. Lol. I pretend not to listen when they say this but it’s totally true and this is what I would advise any newcomer.


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