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Escape the grips of the mind and live with psychological freedom, with Martin Palethorpe

“Yoga is not just about doing the asanas. It’s also not just about getting more flexible and physically healthy. The whole process of yoga is to transcend the limitations of the mind. If you transcend the mind, you transcend how you think and feel about all of life.”

Those are the words of Martin Palethorpe, a loyal LANO yogi and Founder of Unbounded, a company that specialises in transformational development to dramatically improve how individuals, leaders and teams live and work.

Martin Palethorpe

Martin teaches people how the mind works and states that by learning about the mind, you learn the key to living with more calm, freedom, joy, clarity, and productivity.

He says: “In this hectic complex world, you may find that sometimes you are experiencing situations that trigger unhelpful feelings such as doubt, anxiety, anger or overwhelm. And yet, your inner life doesn’t need to be that way.”

In order to help people learn how to live free from the grips of their minds and enjoy psychological freedom, Martin hosts Quality of Mind workshops throughout the year. These workshops allow participants to have a mind-shifting experience – they can have a mind cleanse and rest while enjoying the surrounds of the beautiful Hampshire countryside.

He’s also bringing a 3-hour workshop to LANO in order to help people learn more about the mind and explore the nature of their reality in some depth.

Psychological Freedom
Saturday 18th November
1pm – 4pm
LANO Southsea
£45 / £40 for monthly club members (use code CLUBMEMBER at checkout)

To find out more about Unbounded, visit

If you’re interested in finding out more about Martin’s work, take a look at the videos:

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